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Understanding the condition


Children who experience Dysgraphia have difficulties with a set of skills called Transcription. These refer to writing, typing and spelling. One of the most common signs is “messy handwriting”.

Children with Dysgraphia do not have communication difficulties such as expressing themselves, however having to give so much focus to transcription for example the focus required on spelling and speed at which this means a child can write can create a barrier for children in thinking creatively. 

Associated conditions


Due to the nature of the disability, students with Dysgraphia are at risk of feeling isolated as they find difficulties with tasks that their peers are accomplishing it. This can lead to reduced self esteem and in some cases could lead to emerging mental health issues.  

Challenges faced by students


Challenges faced by students with Dysgraphia include:

  • Letter formation

  • Giving correct spacing for letters on the page

  • Writing letters in the correct size

  • Writing in a straight line.

  • Being able to hold paper with one hand whilst writing with the other.

  • Applying the right amount of pressure on the paper with the writing tool.

  • Being able to hold and control a pencil or other writing tool

  • Maintaining the correct arm posture for writing.