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Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Understanding the condition


Autism is the name given to a group of developmental disabilities that affects how a person communicates, relates to others and engages with the world around them.

All individuals with autism will share certain difficulties but as it is a spectrum condition they will also differ. Autistic Spectrum disorders include  High functioning Autism Asperger’s  and  Pathological Avoidance Syndrome .

Some sources of further information on the spectrum of conditions:

  •  “My autism and me”  - a short film by parents and children with autistic spectrum disorders

  • The National Autistic Society provides information and support for people affected by autism and their families:  www.autism.org.uk 

  • Autistic UK is an organisation run by autistic people:  autisticuk.org 

Associated conditions


Please see individual ASD pages for details.

Challenges faced by students


Please see individual ASD pages for details.