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Realize Virtual Disability Drop-ins and Workshops 2021

This year with the current pandemic we have decided to hold virtual information drop-ins to keep everyone safe, these will be pre-recorded and therefore available to you to access when it best suits you. The dates given below are for the launch date of each session.

Some of the sessions will be family workshops focusing on a specific topic. The workshops include: Supporting your children to understand Corona Virus and stay, healthy, happy and active, Communication, Sleep, Positive Behaviour and Anxiety.

2021 Virtual Workshops and Drop-ins

Coronavirus - Supporting your child to understand and stay healthy, happy and active

26th February 2021

  • Helping children understand coronavirus

  • Keeping children safe

  • Supporting your child to stay healthy, active and learn during the pandemic

Easter Family Drop-in

3rd April 2021

  • We will host a range of fun games and activities for families

Mental Health and Well-being

26th April 2021

  • What is mental health?

  • Strategies and tools for maintaining good mental health and well-being

  • What is anxiety?

  • Why do we feel anxious?

  • Tips and tricks for coping with anxiety

  • Further support and resources

Communication Skills

26th June 2021

  • Communication needs- Understanding the needs of their child/ child/ young person they support in terms of their understanding and communication with others

  • Promoting positive and confident communication

  • Communication tools and strategies

  • Further support and resources

Supporting Positive Behaviour

26th August 2021

  • Understanding challenging behaviour

  • Strategies and tools to support positive behaviour

  • Positive management of challenging behaviour

  • Further Support and resources

Learning through Play

26th October 2021

  • Types of play

  • How children learn

  • Supporting play

  • Exploring your child’s interests through play

  • Benefits of play

  • Practical ideas

  • Further support and resources

Christmas Drop-in

23rd December 2021

  • A range of fun and interactive stories, activities and games for families

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