#Healthcare4All report launched!

We are delighted to share with you our #Healthcare4All report. This report shares the voices of individuals with disabilities and their families and carers as they describe their experiences of accessing healthcare in Belize.

Here at Realize we believe it is vital that the voices of individuals with disabilities are at the forefront of any policies or decisions that are made, so we produced this report to ensure that their day-to-day experience is brought to the fore. This report is the first wide-ranging analysis of the experiences of individuals with disabilities as they access healthcare in Belize. The insights were gathered through interviews, surveys and secondary research which explored the perspectives of individuals with disabilities, their parents and carers and healthcare professionals.

This report found that:

  1. Individuals with disabilities and their parents and carers do not feel welcome when accessing healthcare services

  2. Appropriate treatment pathways are frequently inaccessible to individuals with disabilities and their parents and carers

  3. The financial barriers to accessing healthcare are prohibitive in many cases for individuals with disabilities and their parents and carers

The population of individuals with disabilities in Belize is significant and growing, however they are often at the fringes of opportunity with considerable barriers in place in accessing healthcare, education, employment and leisure. To meet their needs it is critical that the barriers of a limited inclusive care culture, lack of general and specialist knowledge, and communication and engagement challenges are tackled.

You can read the report by downloading it here: #Healthcare4All!

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