Shut out - the importance of appropriate and accessible information for people with disabilities and

Information is the key to our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It enables us to define, understand and have the power to make decisions and bring about positive change. With information comes knowledge and with that we can achieve anything.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating” Kofi Annan

For many individuals with disabilities and their families in Belize there is a lack of timely, appropriate and accessible information.

This lack of information lasts from pregnancy through to old age:

  • a lack of antenatal support to the parents in how to positively prepare for their child

  • lack of diagnosis at birth and beyond, lack of information about how to support a child with a disability in their early years of development

  • a lack of information across education provision, from knowing how to support the inclusion of pre-schoolers with disabilities through to accessing university

  • lack of information for health care professionals in how to positively support an individual with disabilities to access health care