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How we work

Realize is built on three core principles:

  1. User-led activities

  2. Collaboration with others

  3. Thinking and acting creatively

Realize believes strongly that with the right support and access to resources all individuals can overcome barriers to achieving their potential. At the heart of all we do are the needs and aspirations of individuals with disabilities - Realize uses an empowerment model that supports individuals to take control of their own lives by and with support overcome these challenges that restrict this.

We know that skills, knowledge and information lie behind inclusion. With the capacity to act, the appropriate learning and training, and the access to information to underpin the foundations of inclusion we can support any individual or group to develop a more inclusive mindset which creates a powerful environment in which to act.

We seek partnership in all that we do. Our core collaborators are individuals with disabilities themselves, but we also seek to deliver all activities and services in partnership with Belizean organisations and institutions. No single organisation can achieve such fundamental change on its own, and when we work together we are stronger and can have greater impact.

Realize recognises that often the most successful way to build change is to innovate and think creatively about solutions - not change for its own sake, but discovering and implementing new ways of thinking, acting and doing. We will challenge the status quo when needed, and build creative solutions to drive change. In building new solutions we aim to capture and develop them so others can build on them further and create scaleable outcomes.

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