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What we want to achieve

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Realize exists to ensure individuals with disabilities can lead healthy, safe and fulfilled lives through enabling individuals and their families to have an increased awareness of disability and access to resources, improving the knowledge and attitude of society around them and improving access to healthcare, education, work and leisure.


For an inclusive society where people with disabilities have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.


We work to ensure that people with disabilities are heard, have rights and are able to participate fully in their community.

Individuals with disabilities are frequently the most disadvantaged in society, particularly in emerging economies with limited infrastructure and social provision. At Realize we believe that the first step to enabling individuals with disabilities to achieve their potential is to create an inclusive environment that offers access, opportunity and support.


To enable children, young people and adults with disabilities living in Belize to lead happy, healthy and active lives by overcoming barriers to education, work, leisure and independent living.


The goal of Realize is to have a positive impact on individuals with disabilities in Belize directly, but also to build best practice in creating scalable and replicable models for inclusion which can act as a template in other countries and regions where there is an identifiable need.

To achieve this, Realize is establishing a model for inclusion. This will involve two key areas of work:

1. Promoting understanding, acceptance and inciting passion for change;

  • To increase awareness and acceptance of disability through a country-wide disability awareness campaign.

2. Developing knowledge, skills and access to resources.

  • To improve the knowledge of individuals with disabilities, their families and the education, health and community sectors in supporting individuals with disabilities through the provision of Disability Resource Banks in each district in Belize.

  • To improve access to information, services and best practice through an online-platform

  • To improve the skills and knowledge of those working with individuals with disabilities in health, education and the community through delivering disability awareness training.

  • To support key influencers and enablers that have the capacity to bring about positive social change for an inclusive society to build the skills and capability to lead and manage organisations that promote and support the inclusion of individuals with disabilities.


Realize believes strongly that with the right support and access to resources all individuals can overcome barriers to achieve their potential. Realize uses an empowerment model that supports individuals to take control of their own lives by identifying their barriers and with support plan realistic goals to overcome these barriers.


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