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Good parent-teacher communication

The strength of communciation between parents and teachers is very important when working to build inclusive classrooms. Here a a few basic tips to help you.

1. Plan

As a school create a robust teacher-parent/carer communication plan.

2. Set realistic and achievable objectives


3. Communicate early and often

Establish a relationship early so if you need to communicate about difficult issues such as behaviour or achievement, parents will be more receptive.

4. Communicate about the Entire Classroom, as well as Individual Students

Make sure that parents are aware that you’re responsible for more than just their child. Setting this context will help parents/carers see your point of view when and if you need to make a decision that is best for the group, but which might not be ideal for each individual student.

5. Be Aware of School-wide Communications

Parents will not only be hearing from you. The school will be communicating with them about school-wide issues as well, ensure you are aware of these and your news supports this. Equally be especially aware of school fundraising requests being sent out, you don’t want parents/carers to feel like the only thing that is being communicated to them is fundraising requests.

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