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Creating inclusive school rules

School rules are an important part of the day, but these need to be accessible, achievable and understood by all.

Inclusive School Rules should use language that is as accessible as possible to ALL children in your school. You may want to consider displaying two sets of school rules, one written and one pictorial or integrate PECS (Pictures) or symbols alongside the text.


You might also wish to consider abbreviating the rules to something simpler to display in the classroom. For example, an abbreviated set of rules could be:


  • Be happy

  • Be kind

  • Be polite

  • Listen

  • Work hard

An example of school rules

  • Our Golden Rules

    • Try to tell the truth

    • Keep our School clean and tidy

    • Move slowly around School so that we do not disturb others

    • Respect other people’s property by looking after things carefully

    • Look after our own belongings

    • Look smart in our School uniform

    • Play so everyone can enjoy themselves

    • Treat everyone with respect and care