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Communication passport

A communciation passport can be a great tool to help you communcate with children who cannot speak up for themselves

A communication passport is a person-centred tool you can use with children who can not easily speak up for themselves. This tool should be introduced to students and their families/ carers prior to the child starting school once you have ascertained that the student would benefit from additional communication support.

The Passport should contain information that the person feels it is important to share, they usually provide information on important areas of a person’s life. Passports can prove a really useful tool in school that the child can use as a transitionary tool as they move through the school. Passports are also useful for the child in sharing information with other professionals in their life and if they are out in the community and need additional support.

Three key pieces of information that are usually shared in Communication Passports are:

  • What other people like and admire about me

  • What's important to me

  • How best to support me


Passports can take many different formats depending on what is most practicable for the child’s needs such as a laminated sheet, cards on a key ring, a wall chart.