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Children with ASD and understanding

Some tips on how to make sure children with autism spectrum disorders understadn what you are saying

  • Be concise and speak slowly.

  • Focus on specific key words to summarise the main points you are trying to communicate. Repeat and stress them.

  • Ensure you pause between words and phrases to give the person time to process what you’ve said, and to give them chance to think of a response.

  • Reduce the amount of questions you ask to an absolute minimum.

  • Your student is likely to find non-verbal communication difficult to interpret such as tone, body language, gestures so reduce these to a minimum to avoid creating anxiety.

  • Use concrete, tactile visual aids to support what you are communicating and enable the child to respond such as social stories, pictures, symbols

  • Be aware that your student is affected by their environment, if they are in an environment with lots of additional stimuli such as lighting, fans, ambient noise then this may affect their ability to engage and respond.