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Big and Little Resource Pack

Support your child to start developing an understanding of the concept of big and little.

Inside this pack you will find display posters and activities to support your child to develop an understanding of size. 

  • Display posters -  you can display these at home to offer visual aids for your child to consolidate their learning. (Can you find poster, Big and Little Comparison Display Poster and Size Comparison Posters)

  • Big and Small Concept Treasure Basket - Provides ideas of objects you can pop in a bag or basket to offer your child a tactile, multi sensory activity in which they can explore objects of different sizes.

  • Big and Small balloons - The prompt card provides a list of what you will need and how to facilitate a fun sizes activity using balloons. 

  • Song Powerpoints - These songs are fun ways to help your children understand size. There are four PowerPoints with words and pictures to enable you to teach your child as well as backing tracks. 

  • Footprint size ordering worksheet to enable your child to look at different sizes. You can encourage them to identify which ones are big and small. As an extension, these can also be cut out for your child so they can try to order them from biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest. There is also a 'Shape Size Ordering activity powerpoint' to practice ordering. 

  • Big and Little Tomato Squash - This Edible Sensory game provides a fun way to look at the concepts big and little. It is great for children who respond well to tactile learning. The worksheet provides information on what resources are needed and how to play the game.

  • Supersize Marshmallow experiment - A fun, tactile Science experiment to explore size using marshmallows. The worksheet provides a list of resources and how to carry out this easy experiment.