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Assistive technologies to support dyslexia

Some ideas on assistive technology that is available to support students with dyslexia

There are many assistive technologies and Apps available to support children with dyslexia in school., some include:

Pocket spell checkers

This allows your student to type in a word how they think it is spelt and the checker will return a correctly spelt word. If using a computer, students can use the Spell checker function. This tool enables children to not feel alienated and slowly build their confidence in writing and spelling. With practice, students may be able to then commit the spellings to memory.  

Line Readers

Using a line reader will enable your student to highlight and magnify a specific piece of text which will help your student keep their place easier.

Coloured keyboard

Coloured key board overlays will enable children to better identify different letters. You can also download apps for text-speech which will enable students to express themselves better particularly if producing a story or longer prose.