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Action checklist for transition to school

Here is a short checklist of things to consider when supporting children with disabilities as they transition into or within a school.

  1. Gather as much information as possible about the child. Use admission forms, any existing transition records and one-page profiles from the child’s pre-school, family/carers and additional professionals working with the child.

  2. Talk to parents/carers and plan a home visit for relevant staff.

  3. Arrange a transition meeting with parents setting or school staff, parents/carers and any professionals involved before the child starts.

  4. Think about who would be a suitable key person to liaise with the parents/ carers and be the link person in school.

  5. Identify and plan in any additional training required by staff ahead of the student starting school.

  6. Identify and have in place any specialist equipment the child may need.

  7. Audit equipment in the classroom to see if it is suitable for the child, is there anything within the room that may pose a risk or danger to the child? Make any modifications necessary.

  8. Think about the layout of the classroom, does it meet the needs of the student? If they experience mobility issues, can they get in and out of the classroom, use the toilet? If they experience a visual impairment, is there braille on the door, their coat peg? If they experience ASD, ADHD is there a quiet space for calming down in the room. Can the student use the table and chairs?

  9. Discuss and agree a settling in plan with parents/carers.

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