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ADHD and fidgeting

Some suggestions on how to support students with ADHD and hyperactivity and fidgeting

Children with ADHD may appear to struggle to sit in their seats as they display constant physical activity. Their actions can appear unpredictable and aggressive such as jumping, kicking, fidgeting, twisting. A child with ADHD needs to be given the opportunity to be physically active but as a teacher you can support them to develop the ability to move in appropriate ways at appropriate times.

  • Working with the child’s parents/ carers identify sports opportunities both at school and externally so the child can access sports daily, ideally before and after school.

  • Try to ensure the child never misses PE at school.

  • In class, give your student a discreet “toy” such as a stress ball that they can fiddle with. Fiddling with the fidget toy will enable the child to engage with you.

  • Integrate activities in class that require movement.